I feel like there’s a certain risk factor that you take on every time you watch a movie about a character you don’t necessarily care for. Captain America is just one of those heroes that I could do without. Civil War, however, really takes on an unexpectedly dark tone early as it brings to light the human deaths behind the battles between the Avengers and their enemies, past and present. The casting also added a lot to the movie. Paul Rudd is a fantastic addition to any movie, but his role as Ant-Man could be my favorite role of his altogether. Chris Evans is a great Captain, but you don’t really see how great his potential is in this movie like you do with even his smaller role in Scott Pilgrim. Robert Downy Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Don Cheadle. The list of fantastic actors and actresses almost doesn’t end for this film. I know for a lot of long-time Captain America fans, this movie was probably just a good way to fill time until the next Avengers installment, but for people like me who know little to nothing about the franchise, it’s a simple enough premise to follow with a lot of intense, gripping action sequences to keep you interested.

TrashCan Rating: 3/5