Happy New Year! I’ve spent a decent chunk of this New Year’s Eve planning a new year full of new films and hopefully a bunch of movie marathons. My goal is to watch a different movie every day for a year, focusing on flicks I have not seen or ones that I watched so long ago that I can barely remember. All of that being said, I plan on having weekend/week-long marathons that may include some that I have seen before as part of a series or theme. For example, I’ve already seen Kill Bill Vol. 1 but have yet to see the sequel or anything past. So, with some suggestions, a lot of internet scrounging, and a lot of hours spent actually watching these things, I hope to expand my movie horizons one title at a time.

If you have any suggestions, favorite movies you think I need to see, or comments about the journey that this is bound to become, feel free to contact me.

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