The more I watch of the 90’s era Batman saga, the more I find myself getting sucked into the darkness. Batman Forever only furthered that addiction. Val Kilmer definitely fit the bill as Batman, but I don’t think he is as spot on for the role as Michael Keaton was. That being said, my only complaint about Kilmer’s batman is that he seems arrogant instead of reserved. This is also another star studded Batman tale. Tommy Lee Jones surprised me the most with his version of Two Face. He played the black and white split of Harvey’s mind so perfectly that I can honestly say this could be my favorite role of his out of all of his films. It’s hard to believe that anyone could have matched his level of insanity, but Jim Carrey easily kept up with the madness and even made all of the lunacy look sparkly. Even if this isn’t your favorite Batman movie, it’s definitely one that is hard to look past when you’re talking about the top of the list.

TrashCan Rating: 4/5