I liked watching Big Hero 6, but I couldn’t help but notice how much it panders to fans of this particular genre of animation. If you put Toy Story and How to Train Your Dragon together, you basically have Big Hero 6 in a nutshell. These aren’t bad movies (I happen to be a big fan of the first Toy Story, as well as How to Train Your Dragon), they just seem to get more and more predictable. The fact that the story had a lot to do with robotics and robot fighting was definitely neat and original, but the rest of the story is, like I said, exactly what you expect it to be. I do love the characters, though. Baymax is the type of character that you have to love no matter what. There’s just no other option. My personal favorite in the movie though was T.J. Miller as Fred (but I have been biased towards him since I saw him in Deadpool). Overall, Big Hero 6 is a good movie for the whole family, but don’t expect any big surprises or plot twists.

TrashCan Rating: 2/5