I wish that all writers would take note from this series. If movies were written as I want them to be, no series of movies would be drug out to senseless lengths (Paranormal Activity, Final Destination, just about every kids movie series). Blade started out with a great story and a strong cast, but it definitely lacked a lot in production and special effects. Blade 2 saw a lot better use of CGI, brought in more big names and took the story further, leading to an ending that paved the way for Blade: Trinity. Trinity continued the star-studded casting trend by adding Jessica Biel, Triple H, and Patton Oswalt, amongst others. I really liked how the story tied in old Dracula lore and beliefs from other eras and civilizations. When I saw that Ryan Ryenolds was a part of the cast, I wasn’t too sure that his brand of comedy would fit with Wesley Snipes’ stoic, dark and brooding demeanor. I was very pleasantly surprised that the two being exact opposites brought a great comedic element to a series that, up until this point, was based around one-liners and cheesy fight banter. Ryan Reynolds’ role in this movie reminds me a lot of his portrayal of Deadpool, which is easily my favorite performance of his career. This movie was a perfect way to end a series that continuously improved upon itself.

TrashCan Rating: 5/5