Stephen King is easily one of the most recognized names out of authors past and present. You would think that someone with a reputation like his would lure in big movie deals with an amazing cast and director. Sadly, the movie adaptations of King’s works are usually mediocre at best. Misery, much to my surprise and delight, was a more quality film like The Shining, instead of the poorly produced but well written piece it could have been. Kathy Bates plays one of the creepiest, most unsettling roles I have ever watched. Even the blank looks on her face are enough to burn an image into your brain eerie enough to keep you up at night. The climax breaks up the slower pace of the film with a nice gorey fight that keeps you on edge until the last swing. I sincerely hope that future remakes of King’s books are as gripping as Misery. 

TrashCan Rating: 4/5