I absolutely loved this movie. Before watching Popstar, I knew a lot about Andy Samberg’s SNL career and his musical comedy group, The Lonely Island, so I expected a lot of the same music and comedic style. The music, being written by the members of The Lonely Island, did sound a lot like their previous tracks, however, they did throw in a few songs that were almost satirical of modern rap and hip-hop styles and artists. There were a lot of lyrics that will offend a lot of people, but this is comedy. This movie really pushes the mark further for future comedy by addressing current events and politics with a very sarcastic tone. Further, this movie had more random cameos that I think I have ever seen in any movie. From Snoop Dogg to Martin Sheen, Justin Timberlake to Sarah Silverman, it would almost be easier to name the stars that didn’t get screen time in Popstar. Surprisingly, there are a lot of good morals that can be taken from the story as well as it explores the true meanings of friendship and trust. This is an absolutely hilarious movie that I would recommend to anyone looking to laugh for a solid hour and a half. #doinkdedoink

TrashCan Rating: 5/5