If we talk about sci-fi as a whole, I don’t have much good to say. I don’t like cheesy effects, unbelievable plot twists, and usually there’s so much “necessary” backstory that the movie ends up being way longer than I care to sit through. The Scribbler was an exception to some of these, but definitely had scenes that were hard to watch. The effects in this movie weren’t terrible. I doubt that this movie had a very high budget, and most of the money they did have probably went to their cast. That being said, with what I assume they had to work with, the 1980’s looking Burn system was definitely reminiscent of a Back to the Future contraption, but it got the point across. There were a few twists in this movie that seemed to jump into the plot from out of nowhere. Sci-fi in general is seemingly always guilty of throwing in some ridiculous part of the story that nobody could have seen coming, no matter how far they have to stretch. This could just be a part of the genre that I don’t understand, but either way it’s not for me. I really liked the mental side of this movie, and especially how it was filmed to sort of mess with your head. The way the elevators expand and the strange way that the lighting changes really add an element to this movie that amplifies the feeling of insanity. 

TrashCan Rating: 2/5