As far as intro scenes go, I would really like to see more like the opening scene of Underworld. You get a short, backstory-filled monologue and then you literally jump right into the story. The story, however, is where I ran into a few problems. I don’t care for how vague the plot is. You get a lot of information about the history between the werewolves and vampires but other than that and the fact that there’s a broken treaty, most of the movie is just bad blood between families. The action and fighting scenes definitely do make up some for the lack of a plot. There are a lot of weapons and fighting scenes in general that aren’t like any movie I’ve seen before. The originality, characters, and even the added effects throughout the movie were spot on, I just wish the motive would have been better explained so that I didn’t spend half of the movie wondering what the point of it all was. But be patient. The last minute, after a glorious fight scene, explains everything and goes on to explain the sequel. This was a great movie, and definitely worth the wonder and wait. 

TrashCan Rating: 4/5