I went into this movie really hating the whole idea of it. I liked The Lego Movie, and I’m a really big Batman fan, but putting them together sounds about like adding ketchup to a bowl of cereal. Just because two independent things are awesome, it doesn’t mean they’ll combine into something amazing. Lego Batman was exactly that for me. They took a very dark, brooding, not very kid-friendly superhero and turned him into a character that could’ve showed up on Nickelodeon. If you’re looking for something to take the family to, or something light-hearted that you can turn on and nap to, then check out The Lego Batman Movie. However, if you’re hoping for anything close to a Batman story or even a decent portrayal of Batman, go watch one with Michael Keaton. Will Arnett, not my Batman. 

TrashCan Rating: 2/5